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The Russians are responsible for interrupting the 2016 presidential campaign

WASHINGTON – A special lawyer investigating the disruption of the Russian presidential elections in 2016 was named 13 Russian citizens on Friday and three Russian organizations illegally social media platforms to inculcate political adversaries such as activities to support presidential candidate Donald Trump and opponents Hillary Clinton.

The allegations are the special defense of Robert S. Mueller’s first allegations of the first allegations that hampered the 2016 presidential election – a basic crime he had to examine.

When the prosecution filed 37 court papers in the United States, Mueller said that 13 people have conspired since 2014 to break the law that gave foreign money denied to influence federal elections in the United States.

American väärästi allegations blame foreigners, stolen identities and other frauds and frauds in an effort to influence the US political process, including the 2016 government president.

The nature of the plan is that respondents to additional measures to show the name of ordinary Americans are political activists, “said Rod J. Rosenstein, deputy attorney general who oversees Mueller during a brief press conference on Friday for court.

Although Russia is unlikely to be protected immediately, the US government is looking for them now, making it difficult for its passengers to be all of business or international behavior.

All are charged with conspiracy to deceive the United States. Three defendants have also been charged with conspiracy fraud and bank fraud and five severe identity thefts.

The Internet Research Agency, which operates in St. Petersburg, described the allegations as a sophisticated mission center intended to reach millions of Americans who disturb the political process in the United States. Annual budget of millions of dollars; The purpose of the statement is to spread the “distrust of the candidate and the political system in general”.

Some Russians disguise themselves

The Russian mission, called a translation project, which began in 2014 with a monthly budget of $ 1.25 million, was “law against the United States,” a claim for payment. Some Russians disguise themselves as Americans see a coordinated way of “communicating with people who do not know who has connections to the Trump campaign and other political activists.” They report campaign members, volunteers, supporters and basic staff to display legal documents

Individuals involved in conspiracies around the US and the United States visit at least eight states, increase in court and work with unknown Americans. He advised them to focus on their efforts as the trial of “purple” voters like Colorado, Virginia and Florida.

Pay to name a few political advertisements paid by the Russians, all against Clinton and Trump. “Hillary is a devil and a crime and her liar shows how bad he is,” added the announcements made by Russia.

After the election, additional efforts were made on the side of the dispute, holding a political rally for and against Trump, elected by the president, sometimes on the same day, Rosenstein said.

Although the indictment was not directly accused by the Russian government of the operation, US intelligence reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin has put forward several campaigns to protect Hussin’s political potential. Mrs. Worst and Dangerous Clinton. The complaint states that the two Russian-funded companies have different agreements with the Russian government.

Internet Research Agency respond

The group of experts, divided into groups of days and nightclubs, has created hundreds of social networking accounts in the US – accounts that have eventually attracted hundreds of thousands of online followers. Separate departments of the Internet Research Agency respond to processes of graphical information, data analysis and information technology.

Kremlin spokeswoman Dmitry S. Peskov told the RBC news website that Russian officials had not read the document.

Rosenstein has repeatedly stated that the prosecution did not deny that Russian operations have changed the outcome of the presidential election.

While Russia recruits and pays Americans to organize political demonstrations and promotes political candidates, he said the indictment also did not state that one of the Americans intentionally hated the Russian operation.

There is no argument in this case for a single American to have any information, “he said.

Mr. Mueller’s research

Mueller’s separate claim on Friday, Richard Pinedo of California in Santa Paulo, was charged with identity theft and bank accounts were sold over the Internet. According to the judges, some clients of Pinedo are foreigners, which are the objectives of Mr. Mueller’s research.

Pinedo was charged with guilt and worked with Mr. Mueller to file court papers.

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