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‪‪The Unidentified flying object (UFO) found which move really fast against the wind

Former Pentagon officials, who led a newly launched government program to research the potential of UFO: ita, said late Monday night that he believed it was a proof of life out of the world.

My opinion is that there is very convincing evidence that we can not be alone, “said Luis Elizondo

Some news from the New York Times and the political weekend announced the change, Advanced Flight Threat Introduction This program, largely driven by a majority request, Senate leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, who helped support this funding , as he speaks well and a political donor who owns a space company and says he believes in the existence of an alien.

Elizondo told The New York Times that he resigned the Defense Ministry in October to protest against so-called excessive reliance on the program and internal resistance after the effort was funded in 2012.

Elizondo said on Monday he could not speak on behalf of the government, but he strongly suggested he had evidence that he would avoid leaving the possibility of foreign aircraft visiting the Earth.

“These plans call us powerful – as if they were not in the United States, not the foreign list, that we know of,” Elizondo said on their website.

He said the program was trying to find out what was detected by a spectacle instrument or a report, and then “wondered if that information could be a threat to national security.”

“We know a lot,” said Elizondo.

Former Pentagon officials said they identified an “abnormal” plan that “apparently opposes aerodynamic law.”

“Things that have no clear air, there is a clear form of propulsion and tricks so that it includes extreme movements, I want to introduce a healthy G-power or biological man,” said Elizondo.

The Times report on a UFO government study contains some videos about educators who are reviewing something mysterious about what they see. One of the pilots, the Commander who retired. David Fravor told CNN he had seen objects, which appear to be 40-foot “Tic Tac”, which quickly drove and changed the direction of the flight in 2004.

Taxpayer Ryan Alexander organized his surprise speech into the program and discarded it as a waste of money

It’s really crazy to spend $ 22 million to investigate the UFO, “Alexander said that pilots will always see things they can not identify, and maybe we can look at them, but they recognize the UFO: KSI, focusing on UFOs. of research – is not unimportant for national security. ”

Fravor said the money spent on the program was a drop from the annual budget of more than half a billion dollars.

Politico reported that when Defense Ministry Elizondo had resigned, he went to work at the Academy of Arts and Sciences, a company co-founded by former musician Blink-182 Tom DeLonge, who said that he would show a matter of secrecy and object of the unknown state.

On Monday, Reid continued to defend the program.

“I’m proud of this program and the pioneering research speaks for itself,” in his opinion. “It is stupid and dangerous to politicize serious scientific issues that the work of the program is funded uniformly.”

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