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Teeth Feel Loose And Painful Mystery Solve

Every week I get a sense of discomfort in my mouth. My teeth feel loose and painful. I was swollen and sensitive gums. And I have a desire to brush every few hours. These symptoms disappear within a few days, but until then nothing seems to help.

The last time this happened, I finally heard Dr. Google and be called gingivitis, inflammation of the gums season, which usually begins in front of the woman and disappears when menstruation begins.

Signs corresponded me, and after looking at the calendar, I realized that time is perfect sense. Mystery solved!

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Looking for more information, I asked my obstetrician Mary Rosser, MD, of the Montefiore Health System in New York, who explains that women are more prone to gingivitis caused by natural fluctuations in our hormones.

“By increasing estrogen and progesterone causes of women increased blood flow to the gums, and a decrease in how we can fight plaque and other toxins,” said Dr. Rosser. The buildup of plaque irritates the gums, tender, swollen and red, and some women see the use of blood floss or brush their teeth. They can also be the development of ulcers inside their faces. These symptoms tend to reach before and during pregnancy and menstruation.

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There are some moments in a woman’s life when she can develop periodontal problems during hormones changing adolescence after menopause, and if they take oral contraceptives (progesterone only, especially pills), Dr Rosser said.

Maintain good oral health

Although hormonal changes do not cause inflammation of the gums, they are all signs that you already have worse. This is the reason why Dr. Rosser confirmed to maintain good oral health throughout the year, and visit the dentist every six months. The damage can cancel the gingivitis if you are diligent in meetings every two years and just cleaning the house routine, which means brushing, flossing and rinsing with medication twice a day.

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If the gums begin to bleed when you floss before or during pregnancy or menstruation, you may be tempted to do so in a way that is healthy. No, warns Dr. Rosser. Floss helps reduce the risk of worse periodontitis on the road.

Another tip: Consider sugar and cut carbohydrates, he said. What can relieve inflammation. But if at some point you realize that your symptoms are worse than usual, it pays to stay a visit to the dentist to examine the plan, said Dr. Rosser

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