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Seattle Support secure Injection Sites For Antidote Addicts

The first safe injection site, adopted in Seattle. Illicit drug users can visit these places clean needles, medical care and access to drugs that affect the rapid impact, excessive can provide upside down. The idea is new to the United States, although it has been very popular in Europe. The idea of ​​a safe injection site has spread to other cities, such as New York, Boston and Ithaca.

The idea of ​​the new site attracted criticism from opponents. They said this will contribute to the use of illicit drugs, on the other hand, website advocates say they help keep people alive and help create drug addicts recover. Seattle Mayor Ed Murray said these sites to save lives, and is the goal of Seattle.

Kelly Dineen, a professor of health law at the Saint Louis University School of Law says that under federal law, these sites are illegal because the operation of facilities used for the drug under the controlled substance is prohibited. King County Board of Health voted unanimously to approve the beginning of this month in two places. Dow Constantine, Murray and King County Executive, gave Breitbart declared final approval on Friday.

A record 33,000 people die of opioid overdose in 2015, according to the CDC. According to the report, the overdose of opioids now kills more people than traffic accidents. Gun murder rates in 2015 exceeded the number of heroin deaths in the country. In addition to heroin, analgesics are powerful, and fentanyl, a synthetic opiate that is strong, to kill people.

Jessie Gaeta, Chief Medical Officer of Boston Healthcare Homeless Program, argues that to double the mortality curve, an important part of the strategy of safe injection sites. Seattle, King County Board of Health voted unanimously earlier this month to host both locations. The health authorities in Seattle and King County, Jeff Duch argued that the status quo is to develop new tools and far from being found.

Drug rehab treatment

Duch said authorities are waiting for the Seattle site to open within a year. Site targeted at homeless drug users, aiming for basic health care and medical care in the end. Over the next three years, authorities intend to gather information and investigate how many people they attract, or move users to the site and drug rehab treatment, and whether overdose deaths can be avoided

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