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Obamacare :Americans Older Federal Benefits May Reduce

Republican lawmakers meeting this week in Philadelphia say they want instead of Obamacare need to be made in the spring. There is no consensus on the plan yet, but some Republicans in Congress have been split into proposals that might reduce or feature the health care law that has been removing the Americans from older federal benefits.

Here are some examples:

Prescription drugs

The Affordable Care Act offers expanded Medicare prescription drug benefit. Before the ACA, the Medicare population in a hole in the belief that to be known as the donut hole. This is the point where Medicare will stop paying part of the cost of the drugs, and the beneficiaries will buy it for the full price. When the out-of-pocket costs for the patient reaches the “catastrophic” Medicare will pay most of the cost of the medication again.

2011 Study of the Kaiser Family Foundation found that when patients had to pay the full price, they will save some of their prescription drugs – potentially leading to sick patients and higher costs for Medicare.

Gradually, the ACA to close the gap donut hole gap. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, they have benefited from more than $ 2.2 trillion to reduce the cost of prescription drugs. It is not known if this program is the Republican plan, which would replace the ACA remain.


Medicaid is generally regarded as a program that provides health care for the poor. But it will also pay for long-term care for the elderly, like most nursing residents.

The idea of ​​a Republican proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act is to define Medicaid reimbursement is guaranteed by the states block grants. The Company will receive a fixed amount of money from the federal government, and are able to make their own decisions about how to use it.

This is an idea that has been popular for some time among conservatives, such as the House of Representatives Paul Ryan. They argue that countries do not know their needs better than Washington, and granting blocks would give states flexibility for this purpose.

Critics fear they may not release a lot of federal law protection at the time of the vulnerable senior citizen. They are also concerned about what could happen to the economic crisis, the demand for Medicaid, but the amount of federal money that remains the same length. For example, should countries choose to cut off services for poor children than cutting programs for the frail elderly?

Limit the cost of insurance premiums for the elderly

Before the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies, people in their 50s and 60s who generally charge more than it would cost a younger person of the same policy. The Affordable Care Act is a cover on it. Insurance companies are now only charging older people three times more than they charge decades younger people. But many of the alternative GOP proposals want to fix an upper limit – five or six times more – or they have no limits.

Research sponsored by the Rand Corporation and the Commonwealth Fund found that if older Americans five times more workers than younger people have around 400,000 they are no longer able to buy health insurance.

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