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New devices can improve a touch and also repair brain damage

New devices developed by Ohio State University may begin to heal organs in “fractional parts,” researchers say.

The technique known as nano-transfection tissue (TNT) can save lives of car accident victims and even military placement on the scene. It is a dimensionless silicone chip that “injects the genetic code into the skin cells, shifting the skin cells to other types of cells needed to treat the disease.”

In laboratory tests, TNT completely corrected the injury of the mouse for three weeks by changing the cells from the skin to the blood vessels.

And it not only works on skin cells, it can repair any kind of tissue, says Chandan Sen, Director of Regenerative Medical Center and Cell Based Therapy. For example, the technique recovered from the brain activity in the mouse that caused the stroke by increasing the brain cells in the skin.

Revolutionary technology

This is a revolutionary technology because it is the first time that cells are programmed for a living body. Existing cell therapy is a major risk because it causes a virus and includes several levels, a new study published in Natural Nanotechnology. TNT has no known side effects, and the treatment is less than a penny called.

“This technology does not require laboratories or hospitals, and this really can be done in the field,” said the senator. It has less than 100 grams and has a long shelf life. ”

It awaits FDA approval, but people who have worked for four years expect TNT to be tested on humans within a year. He said he was talking to Walter Reed National Medical Center now.

“We represent the use of the skin as an agricultural land in which it can grow an attractive cell,” said the senator.

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