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Men, Listen: women like the smell of men eating certain foods

Our consumption can affect more than our waistline. It seems that our diet will also help determine what we smell.

Recent studies have found that women prefer men who have eaten lots of vegetables and fruits. People who eat a lot of carbohydrates, smells less interesting.

Do not hesitate? First of all, I am. I think this study schedule is a dream come true for the industry. (Good marketing campaign, right?)

But it is legitimate. “We know for a moment that smell is an important part of attraction, especially for women,” said Ian Stephen Macquarie University in Australia. He studied evolution, genetics and psychology and was the author of the study.

From the standpoint of evolution, scientists say that our sweating can affect their health and can be a part of their partner’s involvement.

So how do scientists evaluate the attractiveness and smell of the body?

They started throwing away many healthy youngsters. They evaluate the male skin with an instrument called a spectrophotometer. When people eat lots of colorful vegetables, their skin makes color carotenoids, a vegetable pigment responsible for bright red, yellow and orange foods.

“The carotenoids are stored in our skin,” said Stephen. The spectrophotometer “emits light on the skin and measures the color,” says Stephen. The result is “a good indicator of how many fruits and vegetables we eat,” he said.

Stephen and his colleagues questioned competitive men so they could determine the male design. Then the man gets a clean T-shirt and asks them to do some exercises.

In addition, the women in the study were invited to enjoy sweat. (Note: This method is more scientific and accurate because you are busy with my explanation, but you get a picture.) “We ask women to rate how much they love, flowers, lush” and a few other descriptors. Explain Stephen.

This is a little research but the results are pretty consistent. “Women are well aware that men who eat more vegetables are prettier,” Stephen told us.

Men who eat a lot of meat do not produce holes that are less attractive to women. But the meat is trying to strengthen the smell of people

This is not the first study to suggest that diet affects body odor, “said George Preti, assistant professor of dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania and Center for Chemical Senses at Monell Philadelphia.

A study published in 2006 shows that women prefer men who eat non-meat foods, “characterized by eggs, cheeses, soy, fruits and vegetables.”

Relationship between diet and body

But Pretty shows that the relationship between diet and body odor is indirect.

Some people think they eat garlic or onion or meat – smell the scented. “But that’s not what happened,” Preti said. With your breath, you can smell the food you eat, but not the honey.

Body odor is created when the skin bacteria are metabolized by the substance of the pelvic glands.

“Sweat does not smell,” Preti said, “the bacteria on the surface of the skin should be metabolized.”

Of course, when good hygiene and the use of deodorants are common, is smell a major concern?

I put this question in a happy hour at the bar at NPR’s Washington DC, D.C.

“I’m good enough,” Stefan Ruffini told me. Tonight he ordered a hamburger with sandwiches and ribs. When I told him about the results of the research, he laughed.

“I have a girlfriend, so I do not worry about it!” He said.

The attraction attraction between food and odor is not determined by the same sex pair.

“Lesbians, I have not gotten people in a few years,” said Stacy Carroll, who is also a happy moment. “I eat so many products, I have a girlfriend, so it works!”

Carroll says people who eat lots of fruits and vegetables are more likely to be healthier – they feel better than they smell

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