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Lack of teachers in Antwerp Flu Epidemic Faced In Several Schools

The flu epidemic faced several primary schools in large cities with a shortage of teachers. Reported deredactie.be morning. The problem is particularly challenging in the city of Antwerp.

Find the flu peak many schools in the winter temporary extra staff but this year seems more difficult to find people. And not only has to do with the flu but also the unwillingness of some job seeker teachers to teach in Antwerp City.

Ingrid Dessoy, responsible for human resources in twenty schools in Antwerp, the problem confirms in its region. “There is a shortage of teachers who can make substitutions or are unemployed,” she tells deredactie.be. “In a normal operation will not replace an employee with flu, but you can hardly a classroom let alone a whole week without a teacher.”

“A director who suddenly learns that four teachers at the same time fall by the flu, sitting with hands in her hair. Often they do not even go looking for a temporary replacement because they know how hard it is to find it in the short term, “says Dessoy. “The reserves are depleted. In some schools they run really on the tips of their toes. ”

Since early January, according to the Gumtree figures in the region of large-Antwerp 45 new jobs in primary education. 27 vacancies have not been filled yet. For nursery schools, the situation is less dire: 19 vacancies for wholesale Antwerp, 10 of which are not filled. In the Antwerp region currently attend 14 job seekers with a lower degree and 21 kindergarten teachers.

Unknown is often unloved

VDAB encourages jobseekers with a degree lower or nursery schools in the region Mechelen, Waasland and Kempen to pay attention to jobs in the Antwerp region. “From the Kempen is not so evident in the car to come teach. We also know that unknown is often unloved, when it comes to the multicultural context of the city of Antwerp. In addition, each teacher builds seniority in the school where he works. Youngsters prefer to wait for a moment if there not released in a school where they have worked, rather than starting from scratch elsewhere. “

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