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Importance Of Various Characteristics : Science

The Journal of Sexual Medicine publishes new goal of this study was to answer a question that is quite extraordinary, “what a good penis appearance”

Yes, indeed.

Swiss scientists conducted the study asked 105 women (aged 16-45) to show the importance of various characteristics of the penis.

Eight features, transforms and long downhill in the middle of the block (No. 4 and 6, respectively), while the three main qualities is the “art” of pubic hair and the skin of the penis.

Other features are arranged at the bottom of the list: the head (No. 5), the appearance of the scrotum (No. 7), and finally the location and shape of the urethral opening.

We can guess what you are thinking. It all sounds crazy, does not it? There is no such thing as the perfect penis, just as there is no such thing as a perfect vagina, or perfect breasts!

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However, convincing studies have been done on male hypospadias, congenital anomalies (up to 0.5% of men), the opening of the urethra is in the lower part of the penis, or in case of a rare disease, central axis or closer Of the scrotum and not the end.

Although the area is often repaired by surgery in the first year of the baby, these people have a tendency to worry that the penis looks “not normal.”

As the researchers suspected, but the woman did not pay much attention to the urethra. In fact, if participants were shown pictures of a study of distal penis surgery repair hypospadia (the most common), he estimated “normal looking” because they are classified genital circumcision.

Multiple regression analysis

Finally, the researchers looked at women, and are considered as factors that can shape their opinions. They are not, at the least, surprised us, “multiple regression analysis showed that the older and more sexually split is a woman, the more they see what the penis looks like.” With age, wisdom of different kinds, such as greater acceptance of your body and others.

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