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Illegal To Sell Unlimited Soft Drinks In France

Restaurants and other catering areas for the public in France are not allowed to provide unlimited sugary drinks, which aims to reduce obesity.Now it is illegal to sell unlimited soft drinks at a fixed price or offer them unlimited access.

The number of overweight in France is lower than the EU average, but growing.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends imposing a levy on sugary drinks, connecting them to obesity and diabetes.

Self-service “ice cream” has been a family run restaurant and coffee shop in some countries such as the UK where tax sodas to be introduced next year.

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The new law (in French) focuses on beverages, such as sports drinks that contain sugar or sweeteners.

All public restaurants, from fast food joints affected by the school cafeteria.

The purpose of this law is “to reduce, especially among young people, the risk of obesity, diabetes and obesity,” WHO’s recommendations accordingly.

Adult obesity puts France 15.3%

A recent Eurostat study of adult obesity puts France 15.3%, which is slightly below the EU average of 15.9%. France is thinner than in the United Kingdom (20.1%), but much thicker than in Italy (10.7%).

After 30 years of age, almost 57% of French men are overweight or obese, according to a report published in October, the French medical journal Bulletin hebdomadaire epidemiologique.

About 41% of women in the same age group are overweight or obese, the study found.

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