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Exercise Fails Kidney Of A Man Due To Hard Working

Robert Garay had no reason to suspect that Crossfit training could lead to a trip to the ER, but it is not. The 37-year-old Crossfit broker was a year in which he graduated from a regional event on Memorial Day two years ago. It’s a mostly thick exercise (100 GHD sit-up is only a part), and air conditioning in Miami broken gym, but Garay felt fine.

“In training I drink, and I do not feel any pain or anything to stop me from going,” he said. “I make the GHD sit up quickly, but my heart is my strength. I think they are what sent me over the edge.”

The next day, it was painful, but she thought it was just the usual rigidity of hard training. When it’s hard for her to straighten her sitting at her desk, she tried to remove the blisters. It’s only three days after the first workout, when he peed in the color of Coca-Cola, that he realized something was wrong. (Here’s what it means when urine is red, green, blue or other strange color.)

“I told my wife we ​​had to go to the hospital,” Garay said. “I ended up staying for five days.”

Garay has undergone rhabdomyolysis (rhabdovirus for short), damage to muscle tissue, which can lead to kidney damage or failure.

“I’m really surprised because I often work out,” Garay said. “I thought, ‘No way, that can not happen to me.’ ‘

For Garay, diagnosis rhabdomyolysis comes from a number of surprises since it is the bulk of men. Fortunately, it can be treated as long as the action quickly. Even better: take steps to avoid it. Here is what you need to know.

Is it rhabdomyolysis?

It was seriously damaged myoglobin protein is released into the bloodstream. This can cause kidney problems because the molecules are large and difficult to sift through the body, Wang said Gordon, M.D., a family medical drug Punta Gorda, Florida. This damage to muscle tissue damage and can lead to damage or kidney failure if left untreated.

What causes rhabdomyolysis?

Rhabdomyolysis can occur for several reasons. Garay saw rhabdomyolysis of effort, which means that he pushed himself very hard to find a point of muscle fatigue and damage. This condition may also have to develop trauma (such as being hit by a car, or the state); Cocaine, amphetamines, anti-psychotic drugs, statins, or drugs to lower cholesterol; Or electric shock, said Dr. Wang.

Dehydration and elevated temperatures during exercise may increase the risk, said Alan D. Nelson, Ph.D., MPA who will review the status of Stanford University School of Medicine.

Obesity, smoking, lack of muscle enzymes and shows a recent study, sickle cell trait, all increase the risk of rhabdomyolysis. Men are also more likely to have the disease than women.

Nelson said, “I think rhabdomyolysis is working hard for the overwork of big muscle groups while working hard, fast, Crossfit, backpack March, football, triathlon, marathon. “It is really tiring for the Commission to do normally.”

And if the indoor bike is that: researchers have recently religated, while the first squeezing class is very high when it comes to turning to rhabdomyolysis and risking it after exercise.

Interestingly, Nelson mentioned that rhabdomyolysis does not affect a person’s luck. So if you are new to exercise or have done it hundreds of times, then this is about work.

How can you prevent rhabdomyolysis?

Rhabdomyolysis is a frequent approach; Not a moment of pain, which tips you to. “It’s dangerous,” Nelson said. “And then, everything to you, it’s too late to stop him.”

The best way to prevent this, he said, is to know how difficult it is to exercise yourself. “If you know that there is something on the border, or something I have never done before, you are in danger,” he said. “Excessive or unusual pain, then you may have to perform lihasjännitystä- time.”

Also during and after exercise (by law), you can protect yourself from hydration before you work too hard. Avoid the physical conditions that cause a felca, and gradually work your way to the new line.

What if there is an indication what to do if there is?

Rhabdomyolysis appears intense muscle pain, cramps, fatigue, numbness, swelling and dark urine. If you are starting any of these symptoms, do not expect to go immediately to the emergency service, Dr Wang said. There is hydration on the road, Nelson said.

What is the treatment?

In-hospital disease intravenous fluid is rhabdomyolysis. Creatine kinase levels can be controlled by blood test, enzyme increase, muscle damage, urine sample can control their myoglobin level. Patients hospitalized at this level are significantly reduced and renal function is normal. This may take several days or more; This is different for everyone.

Fortunately, Garay received medical treatment during discharge and healed completely. You can move it and return to normal routine in a month.

“It will be me all the time now, I could have been water in my mind and try to drink more water during the day,” Garay said. “Many people do not train Crossfit as planned, but when I work out, I have a jug of water next to me and I stop and I’ll see if I have to be very conscious of my body.”

GHD sit-up? “I’ll be from time to time, but I’ll do less with them,” Garay said with a laugh. “I tell you, do not do it directly after that!”

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