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Effects this season more than 400 images during one week

Flu and cold temperatures do not give respite to Parma. Also this week were on average more than 300 a day people who have turned to the Emergency Rescue Company University Hospital of Parma especially for the evils of the season. In the elderly being most affected, those with chronic diseases and children.
Only last week there were more than 400 patients hospitalized in the internal medicine and pediatric wards of Major, with an average that is around 45 daily admissions. “A situation managed by the Company with organizational direction Hospital, clinics and welfare measures that have led to meet the demands of the citizens care, thanks to the efforts of all caregivers who have given, on this occasion, their immediate availability, “says a company statement.
Just yesterday, the health department has launched 16 new beds, seats in addition to the 480 already in internal medicine beds, also strengthening collaboration with the Local Health for hospitals to Vaio Borgotaro and private facilities accredited. Important measures taken in terms of staff with the increase in care staff on duty, the assumption, recently approved, 7 nurses, the holding of the competition indefinitely to implement the medical staff.

The direction health and welfare

Tomorrow also will start a collaboration with the Red Cross and the Government Assistance to reduce patient expectations in the discharge path to your home and always, for tomorrow, it will also be a meeting between the emergency staff, the direction health and welfare in order to verify the effectiveness of the measures taken. To better address the symptoms and effects of seasonal ailments is obviously central in the territory of the role of health homes, doctors and family paediatricians, valuable allies to prevent improper race to the emergency room and ensure, at the same time, the ‘effectiveness of care.

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