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As a doctor, I am health care freeloaders

I work in a clinic where most of my patients work in publicly funded health care and have never worked in daily life.

Normally, everyone has the right to health care. Now I work in a clinic where most of my patients are funded by public health care. I learned that the stereotype of these people is true: most of my patients never worked a day in their lives.

They are very unhappy to provide them with a strong contributor. The patient hit me, broke, screamed and even gave birth to me. I often sit down with vomit clothes.

Sometimes I have to throw patients with colored objects, juices or biscuits to see them. The patient gave me? Do they promote the economy? No!

They just suck with cheap health care, they shake all the time and then get milk free from government. Often, they are literally transported from one place to another for the weapon of a real taxpayer.

For pediatricians, I give them freeloaders like vaccination and antibiotics. I try to listen to you and make sure that each audience is treated when it can still be corrected. Ensure that children who suffer from mental poisoning are treated in a timely manner so that they are ready to compete when they arrive at a day care

They say thank you? No! Unless your father or mother says so.

Across the country, as patients representing nearly half of those receiving insurance through Medicaid or CHIP, a child health plan. In Texas, children are 3.4 million in 4.5 million people in the program. So, taking into consideration the state health care, you have to think about the patient: nasty, narrow, friendly to the diapers, even without the tongue.

CHIP covers 8.9 million children across the country and Congress has not yet funded the program next year. If funding can not be found quickly, more than 450,000 Texas children will lose access to health care on Feb. 1 alone. The government intends to send letters to these children on December 22, before Christmas, to announce the deduction.

I hope this letter is like this:

Hi, the milk breathes! You no longer have a free vaccine. We hope you have a disease as long as dying and dying! Or maybe your treatment costs make your parents take you to the doctor so that easily infected infections are a septic shock. Once the immune system is ripe, the lungs are still growing and you do not like to vote!

Sincerely, America

Studies have shown that people will die sooner if they lose access to health care. More American children die from undetermined death, sending powerful messages to children across the country: get your thumb out of your mouth, study at home, and get a job!

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