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Combination Of Three Antibodies Effectively Removing the HIV virus

Patients with HIV to twist, effectively removing the HIV virus in a combination of three antibodies in hand.

According to a new study, researchers at Rockefeller University, demonstrated that the virus will eventually stay out of the options and try to die as a three antibody method.

The HIV virus has been known to change, and it is difficult to remove. When the virus enters the body, it will forever remain infected and avoid attempts to neutralize immune therapy.

The results of a study published in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

Antiretroviral therapy has become an important part of people infected with HIV to save them from AIDS. Without it, the body loses the ability to control the virus.

The error rate in treating HIV such as ART is also high because the virus mutates and escapes the immune system. However, the new treatment promises to stop the virus in a cat-and-mouse-and-drop.

In the experiment, a combination of three antibodies was given to mice infected with HIV, and provide the results for complete elimination of the virus.

After the failure of the immune system in HIV infection. Some infected patients, the so-called elite controllers, to be able to beat the virus neutralizing antibodies.
Antibody administered

The research was conducted in the laboratory of Michel C. Nussenzweig, who Zanvil A. Cohn and Ralph Steinman of Professor Rockefeller University and director of the Laboratory of Molecular Immunology.

Three-BG18, C37 and BG1 antibody – HIV-infected mice. Antibodies bind to the epitope, which is part of the virus, and supported close to each other by HIV.

“Some people with HIV produce antibodies to this, but most of the time, this virus will eventually escape due to a mutation in the same antibody epitope,” said Natalia Freund, the study’s first author.

Freund compared to a race ratio and virus antibody arms. These mutations help the inadvertent release of the virus from some of the antibodies and develops.

Goal board is to demonstrate that the elite immune control system can eliminate the HIV virus by antibodies produced by neutralizing immune system cells – cytotoxic T cells – to destroy infected cells and disabling virus.

“What we have shown in this study is that there are several rounds of escape of these antibodies specific to the virus seems to run out of options,” he said.

Patients whose blood serum was used to create HIV-infected researcher 30 years ago.
Prevent type 1 interferon

At the same time, another viable method of interferon type 1 with the support of antiretroviral drugs to stimulate the immune system has proven successful theft. This will increase suppression of the HIV virus, according to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Investigations indicate a role in destruction of interferon type 1 immunity to HIV infection.

“This finding is quite the opposite, because many believe that more interferon in the workplace, the better,” said researcher Scott Kitchen.

He said the type of interferon produced in chronic HIV infection is detrimental to the body’s ability to fight against HIV and other infections and accelerate HIV disease.

By inhibiting type 1 interferon, reduced the chronic activation of immune cells as possible and let it weakened CD8 T cells in martial arts and strength.

Mice treated with an antibody that blocked the interferon type 1 chamber in the HIV-infected immune system. To restore the immune system and is activated from CD8 + T cells, which attack cells infected with HIV. Linking ART treatment has been accelerated by the effects of antiretroviral therapy to suppress HIV

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