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BlackBirds live in cities live longer : Research

Birds who is living in cities live longer but have a worse health than their cousins ​​in the woods, a study found.
It seems that, like people who move to the city to get more money, black birds can get more food in the city.
Bright lighting of the city can make it easier to catch worms for a long time.
But along with better rewards, more stress comes – in the form of a longer working day, noise and pollution, research says.

Biologists from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, have explored DNA of urban cubes and those living in the forest environment.

Worse health condition

They found that the key sign of stress-ending parts of the DNA of birds called telomere was much shorter in urban birds. This shows that they are in a worse health condition

However, the proportion of older birds compared to younger birds was larger in cities than in cities – suggesting that black birds live longer in the city.

Investigator Juan Diego Ibanez-Alamo said that grasshoppers are the ideal candidate for studying the impact of urban life because they are common to many city gardens.

“But they also live in native forest areas, making them ideal candidates for studying the impact of city life on health,” he said.

Birds show signs of premature

He studied scythes in several Spanish cities – Granada, Seville, Madrid, Dijon and Turku to obtain blood samples from the root in these cities and adjacent rural areas.

In all cities, Ibanez-Alamon took blood samples from annual cubes – a sample of nesting birds shows that the parents of older birds. He said that urban birds show signs of premature aging, which means that their health status is poor compared to rural irises.

Mr Ibáñez-Álamo: “This means that mortality is lower in cities, so the benefits of urban life offset negative health effects.” One possibility is that fewer predators live on the soft bones in the city, which means they can live longer.

Earlier research by researchers at the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research found that artificial light allowed black birds to activate up to five hours earlier than in the quieter, lighter areas of Leipzig, allowing them to get more food

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