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Atlantic Health Visibility Medical Center was selected for the second consecutive year in the US for the 100 Best Hospitals

Morristown, NJ – Summit Overlook Medical Center is one of two hospitals in the Atlantic Health System, named by the Best American HealthGrades Hospital, established in Denver, a pharmaceutical research organization CO that brings together comprehensive databases on physicians, hospitals and healthcare providers. health care and to maintain.

The decoration of 2018 marks the second consecutive year. The review received instructions.

In addition to the Overlook assessment, the Morristown Medical Atlantic Health Center is for thirty consecutive years in the 50 best hospitals in the world (2016-18). Visible and Morristown Medical Center is the only hospital in New Jersey named on both lists.

The difference is in the highest percentage of Morristown Medical Center and the hospitals of the two best Hospitals Overlook Medical Center for clinical performance. The Atlantic hospital is recognized in 69 eligible hospitals in New York and New Jersey, a geographic area defined by the federal government and the budget.

Morristown Medical Center

“The recognition of Morristown Medical Center for the third consecutive year in 50 parts of hospitals in the United States is underway to ensure the community in using clinical staffs to coordinate care and positive safety care,” said Trish O ‘Keefe, PhD, RN , president of Morristown Medical Center. “But the character is a true leader who has never lived idle and is the only hospital in the state where one of the 50 best hospitals in the United States is called, let us lead by example and offer the best care to our society.”

“Recognition Overlook, not once, but two consecutive years as one of the 100 hospitals in the United States is a clear indication of patients, their families and our communities have forgotten who should be referred for quality and compassionate care,” Alan said. Lieber, president of Overloon Medical Center. “Technological advancements, the recruitment of world-class journalists and the establishment of a center of excellence last year have helped us stand out in hospitals in New Jersey and in the country.”

Based on MedPAR statistics for 2014-2016 and estimated Medicare patients are only hospitalized at a meeting of 50 and 100 hospitals in a better clinical outcome of better American HealthGrades than if they were hospitalized who did not receive this price, measured in 19 under circumstances and in budgeting procedures where death is the end result. *

“As users play an active role in health care, they can be assured that hospitals that have reached 50 and 100 premium hospital awards will rise above others,” said Brad Bowman, MedicalGrades’ medical director. “We recommend that these receptors provide exceptional treatment for their patients.”

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