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A tribute to the pharmacy

Dear Pharmacist,

He just left me a call and I have to admit that I am happy to call back. I think that this is supposed to be paid, or “X” is the number of days I serve. Despite all the interactions per year, I kept thinking about our relationship. Here are some of the most memorable moments:

When he called me, he drove home from the hospital. I just completed a full day illness allowing the patient to advance in advance and burying the special request. I relaxed to make it to the end without pulling my hair (and Kelim). I stopped by the last patient, who was diagnosed with pneumonia and predicted fluoroquinolone. I called to ask if I wanted to change the twilight multivitamin patients from dawn; Antibiotics are ineffective fluoroquinolones where they receive reinforcements containing divalent cations (“you know”)

Of course, “I said ‘thank you’ remember me.”

At the same time, as I know it as an infectious disease specialist – take this time to serve as I may have something you know. I learned from you for many useful tips.

One time you called me when I was working in the ICU. I declare open patients with septic shock device and multiple organ failure. In fact, I just intubated by placing two central lines, put the arteries and write dialysis commands – all just 1.5 hours! I fist hitting the nurses and feeling on top of the world; And just want to develop my head with a rare moment to pet my ego, I have a page. You reminded me that despite the fact that online / Master King, greatness does not stop me from ordering the wrong vasopressin wrong. You asked if I could organize a “friendly” so the patient can not – you know, when I celebrate – is the soul really compatible? Throughout our history, you can direct energy and avoid mistakes multiple times.

You have been, in the end, me and my team. You politely devastated when you mistakenly stated (* Define jargon *) – umb a novel monoclonal antibody, which RAOP (random and obscure protein) prevents I can not do anything but allegedly has a good MGUS. You wait until I have decided to travel through the relatively weak point of learning to correct the record. Tired, I could only gather, “At least I have a good portion of the monoclonal antibody.”

Although I still remember busting my butt in medical pharmacology, it seems that most of what I’ve learned now obsolete or (I’m still waiting for the day I have to use methyldopa pregnant patients). Honestly, I can not keep up with new drugs and I like it with specific monoclonal antibodies that seem to multiply like mogwals to catch the rain. Since I started to train, helped me to keep, if I will not lose.

Work-related stress

For all my colleagues at the pharmacy: It is important for me to play an important role in the care of my patients. Integration of pharmacists into patient care teams lead to better treatment outcomes for diabetes, heart failure, primary care and hospital care, length of hospital stay and number of terms and other statistics. Many studies have also shown that the benefits at the same time reduce health costs. Although clear evidence that they contribute to better results, the study pharmacists found that most work-related stress as a result of conflict and ambiguity of paper. After talking to some pharmacists, I have learned that they often feel left out by doctors and embarrassing nurses because of their interactions with us. So, while knowing how important their work, many feel undervalued.

So even if the pharmacist rounding off his significant cart “pharmacy only” download the special mobile software I’ve seen, head down and panting, it’s important to note that they continue to contribute to saving lives, improving their results and making things more Accessible. It is best for us, and especially for patients, is to end our weakness and our effort to provide high quality patient care.

So, I promise: The next time I hear “Pharmacy on March 3,” and instead of using my practice, “And now” sound will be affected by very average, I listen politely, make sure that I will stay On QT C before a dose of Haldol and thank you for the good work you do

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