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Star Street Coronation Rob Mallard opened the secret health fight this morning

ROB MALLARD today appears today to open a mysterious health fight that has led to confusion at the ITV show earlier this year.

Coronation Street, Rob joins Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield to lend interviews with Lucy Fallo in January, attracting public attention.

National Television Award

He seems very nervous when he discusses his nomination for the National Television Award, which leaves many spectators confused.

When he commented on the touch in his appearance, someone asked, “Why is he shaking like crazy … does anyone else see you?

The second added, “God @ Rob_Mallard is very nervous on the couch, what is Rob?”

Today, Rob opens his eyes and explains why she is so nervous.

He tells Holly and Phillip that he has a shaky neurological disorder that causes involuntary tremors.

When he talked about how he felt during the January interview, he commented, “I feel vulnerable, I’ve had this for almost ten years.

“My solution is to hide and control because I have a job, it can be harmful.

He added, “I was very shy and then angry and then I started getting lots of messages on Twitter saying,” Me too. ”

Rob, 25, explains that he first appeared in his hand and said: “When I am fifty, it will be better to sit in the vote in the box and behind”

In order to hide the antitrust vibration in Coronation Street, he revealed that he used the highest possible reward.

He tells how the ITV soap can help him shake, Rob says, “They’re fine with me.

The public this morning quickly did it because of Robin when she appeared at the show to maintain her health.

I can not imagine how difficult it was @ Rob_Mallard, I’m sure it will help so many people! #thismorning, “wrote the audience.

Plus: “Thanks to @ Rob_Mallard for future stories and sharing, talented actors and brave people.” Fwiw, I think you’ll have a lot of freedom if you do not have to hide your status again. ”

The third sequence: “@Rob_Mallard did this brilliantly this morning in an interview”.

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