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Shay Mitchell Now looks Fresh and Stunning

One of the hallmarks of Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell played) on Pretty Little Liars long, flowing hair of his. Emily almost destroyed hair-seriously! When Emily quickly run from “A” -a recurring event PLL in chocolate brown hair remains perfectly in place. The key survived both “A” Emily stuck in bunker for days: He really was kidnapped and dragged through the mud, but the hair is beautiful, waterfall-esque miss a beat. He almost turned into a frightening experience in a bloody fashion show. (Then again, it’s not the pretty little liars, briefly?)

As you can imagine, PLL fans have grown to love the hair Emily almost the same as they like Emily, why the recent shake-up beauty IRL Mitchell can leave them, well, shaky. In a surprise move from Charlotte “A” Mitchell revealed it now has a wait-bob. Yes, I think Mitchell decided to throw caution (and Emily Fields) to the wind and change your hair in a big way. But do not worry, PLL stubborn: Mitchell’s new ‘do is great, actually, we are ready to declare Emily Fields 2.0 See yourself on Instagram note down ..:

Shay Mitchell's

The brains behind the new look, stylish Mitchell Hollywood hairdresser Chris Appleton. (He works on all your favorite !!

“Seeing this will be great in 2017,” said Appleton.”It brings back the hair texture, very nice to see, it keeps the look modern.”

Appleton Mitchell created by the new “do-it” bob powers, “he created using a mixture Mitchell natural hair and hair pieces. If you want to get the same view, Appleton recommend asking your hairdresser to” shoulder length bob with a small angle. ”

“We’re not talking Victoria Beckham Spice Girls,” said Appleton. “We’re talking fine.”

Mitchell looks amazing with this hairstyle

Real Talk: Mitchell looks amazing with this hairstyle. And if you think about it, change really should not surprise you. pretty little liars filming officially ended a few weeks ago, so we are sure Mitchell led to newfound wealth freedom to experiment with your hair. As Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale and Troian Bellisario. (Remember when Emma Watson drastically cut your hair short after the completion of the movie Harry Potter?) After six years it (like) view, it makes sense that Mitchell and the entire crew PLL-like changes.

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