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Sephora Beauty will soon offer classes for people who chemo

Deanna As the authors have described, nothing can really prepare you for the side effects of cancer treatment. It is well known that hair loss can occur, but it is another thing to wake up one day and realize that you no longer have eyebrows. (Seriously, you have that account to read, it’s both eye-opening and monumental.) That’s why Sephora’s last confidence in a series of lessons called Brave Beauty in the Presence of Cancer is good news for women and Chemo men like others chat and take some eyebrow pencil tips along the way.

Series, if you do not know, about creating free classes for people from major life transitions (such as fighting cancer). Classes begin on Sunday, April 9 at selected stores and include a curriculum molded by the Sephora employees who live with cancer. The goal of Corrie Conrad, Sephora’s senior director of social impact and sustainability, is to “create a safe place for participants to learn and play with beauty, ask questions, and connect with others for the same situation.” In “program” for class 90 minutes: skin care tips, step-by-step lift appearance, natural eyebrows look, tricks and set your eyes.

Sure to say, it looks like it has been a hit with teachers and students as evidenced by the enterprise release moments of video preview class. Sephora employee Emily begins with clips “When I hear this class is likely to Sephora, I realize this may be the reason why I am here and this is the reason why I survived.” And participant Amy said, “Have confidence in the things I can do make-up, helps me to get out and be with those whom I have to deal with.”

The initiative also includes classroom. As a sign of unity for your employees through Sephora or complete the course of having cancer the opportunity to wear a badge with the heart logo to feel both communities to stimulate and offer customers with openness when they ask for their own care Related to cancer beauty treatments.

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For more information on class seating and notification here. Beauty really is more than a game of lipstick or eye palette of shadows. It was nice to see the characters using the platform in the middle as makeup can get very transformative.

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