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Selena Gomez Capture While Kissing With Bella Hadid

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Just two months after splitting with his longtime girlfriend, singer Bella Hadid is “Starboy” spotted sharing a steamy kiss with Selena Gomez outside Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica, California, on Tuesday.

In the image obtained by ET, Gomez, dressed in powder blue pants, a black jacket and boots can be seen wrapping his arms around her rumored boyfriend.

Bella Hadid

Photographers also known as “Can not make my hands to myself” singer The Weeknd adorably kissed on the cheek.

Selena Gomez

Both have yet to comment on the status of their relationship, but based on this romantic lip lock, it seems that the two are more than just close friends!


The heart wants what it will be, “right?

Giorgio Baldi

According to witnesses, both arrived about 09:00 and has its own private server in the back room. “You can see them going back and forth through the dining room reserved for them all night,” said the witness, told ET is to apply three hours.

“They came out and they looked so happy,” said the witness. “They embraced, kissed and become super loving Selena is on him -. As he hugged her, kissed her, she looks amazing and so incredibly happy and in love.”.

The witness also ET it appears that the two were the last to leave. separate car came to them, but they jumped into the car and headed Weeknd home Gomez. “They initially arrived at the restaurant separately, but live together,” said the witness,

Weekend Early

Part Hadid Weeknd in early November, after nearly a year and a half together. At the time, a source told ET that the two can not make it work with their busy schedules, but there’s no bad blood because there is “love” between them.

Instagram Hadid echoed this sentiment after the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris, France. She walked the runway as the former run, an experience he called both “exciting and fun.”

“Thanks to @theweeknd be doers of the best and most spectacular in the world,” he wrote. “You killed him, as usual.”

During a chat with ET, Hadid said the two were “good friends” because of the split. “He’s the best,” he said at the time. “We all celebrate together. It’s only been a day of fun, and I’m excited.”

For Gomez, the former Disney star – famous dating Justin Bieber and off since 2011 – recently back to attention, walked the red carpet and the award for Best Female Artist – Pop / Rock American Music Awards on 20 November, 2016 after a short break of three months it took to address the issues of depression and anxiety caused by her battle with lupus.

“I think it’s safe to say that most of you know my life, whether I like it or not,” he said on stage. “And I had to stop because I have everything and I am absolutely devastated, and I believe that it is quite common that I will not let you down, but I kept it together much where I left Me Down. ”

Gomez, 24, and weekends [real name: Abel Tesfaye Makkonen], 26, through November 2015, when both are done under the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Gomez then took to Instagram to gush about the event and weekend.

“This show is a dream. Thanks @victoriassecret and all the angels be so nice, friendly and fun !!” he wrote. “And look at all day is not hard to do at all 😏 Abel was killed as usual and Ellie [Goulding] shines more than ever! Can not wait for you to see December 8th !! m KI ‘done. What is life? I love you !!

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