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Sandy Hook family threatened with legal action against interview Alex Jones, NBC

Everal families of victims of Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting action against NBC threatened interview Megyn Kelly with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones of 2012 massacre has been called a fraud

In a letter to NBC executives of the Los Angeles Times reported that the law firm that represents the family, the network sees the damage to Jones, the Internet radio judge presenter and founder of the site Infowars Nowadays, even if the network knows False

Legal threats are the latest headaches, which is a growing public relations crisis has become NBC, Kelly tried to introduce the newest star after brushing his Fox News Channel.

Meanwhile, Jones promised to complicate matters in his own recording interviews Infowars tonight.

NBC News did not comment on the letter or Jones’ demands that he carry an interview on his site.

Jones showed that December 14, 2012. shooting, which killed 26 people, including 20 school-age children, organized to promote the gun control law is more stringent.

Kelly Interview

“Ventilation Mss Kelly Interview indirectly support the idea that Jones really is the alleged” serious discussions feasible; Exposentieel thus increasing the suffering and needs of our clients, “said the letter Koskoff, Koskoff & Offeror, new NBC President Andy Lack and other key management personnel were sent to the network.

Kelly and NBC because of critical and critical family Sandy Hook since tight edit issue issue this week, the Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly asked. Some television news contestants said that NBC has contributed to the promotion of inflammatory Jones segment statements.

“The epidemic has gotten them in trouble – it’s always on the road,” said Chris Cuomo, CNN co-anchor of “New Day” and a veteran of the network’s channels.

Kelly and the disabled defended his decision to flee to interview Jones.

Fraud is a rebel

Former Fox anchor news said he found ‘Sandy Hook’s proposal’ Jones’ fraud is a rebel as personal as anyone in sane conscience does. “But Kelly had to sit with him to learn from someone who is following a samenzweringsteorieën Embarrassing to encourage millions, including the president of Trump.

According to people close to the production of the story, who can not take public positions, Sandy family hook was interviewed for a Sunday story. “The interview was part of a larger [Jones]. It’s not just a part,” said the man,

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