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Russian Lawmakers Expert Trying to legitimize Domestic Violence

As Donald Trump said during his first press conference as president-elect that “if [Vladimir] Putin as Donald Trump, I believe that an active, not passive,” and Secretary of State designated Rex Tillerson tripped over his close ties itself with Russian President during the trial confirmation in the Senate, lower house of the Russian Parliament considered a great insult to the women in his country, and vote for a bill legitimize domestic violence.

The majority of parliamentarians (368, 370 to be exact) voted Wednesday to reduce “the battery in the family” a criminal offense, according to a report in the Moscow Times.

This measure was introduced by conservative lawmakers Yelena Mizulina previously made headlines in 2013 after successfully lobbying for a law banning “gay propaganda.” Last year, Russia officially legitimize attacks and strokes that did not cause bodily injury and this last measure is an attempt by Mizulina to maintain what he believes is the “right” of parents to discipline children with physical violence.

“Punishment [violation] can not be in conflict with the social value system of society cling” Mizulina said Wednesday as he opened the Russian set. “In the family of Russian traditional culture is the parent-child relationship built with confirmation of parental responsibility … the law must uphold the family tradition.”

As part of the proposed measures would prosecutor filed when the striker was accused of domestic violence twice or more within a year, but the first offense would be classified as a misdemeanor and is equipped with, community service or a fine of short-term prison sentences.

Affects 74 percent of women

vote has caused a huge uproar among women’s rights groups. Domestic violence is a major problem in Russia, and the 2013 government report showed that affects 74 percent of women in this country, and 91 percent of this scene is done by a real man them. According to the Guardian, government statistics show that 40 percent of violent crimes committed in the country in the family translates to about 36,000 women who were attacked by an intimate partner every day and 26,000 children were attacked by parents each year.

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