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Movie Review: ‘Wrinkle’ Disney is a terrible and terrible chaos

Go ahead, pick up your favorite fantasy heroine. Meg Murry is probably the first.

Katniss evdeen? He arrived in 2001. Hermione Granger? It was 1997. Elphaba, the green girl “Wicked”? 2003. But Meg hesitantly, the classic heroine of Madeleine L’Engle’s classic “wrinkle in time” since 1962 and on the shelves of our high school students.

Coming to Ava DuVernay, type Disney to give your Twist this self-knowledge about some continuous, large screen space – very large. Talk about stress. And the talented director of “Selma” does not get rid of the adaptation of the story to the 21st century. With the help of a very diverse, sweet but very sweet actor here – the newcomer Storm Reid and the famous celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon, Duvernay made a shameful film – some say cruelly – until now. Hip-hop quotes, eating disorders, “Hamilton” referrals? Yes Yes Yes

It is also all over the map, in every possible way. Sometimes it looks beautiful, but then bored to see others, sometimes attracting emotionally, but incredibly depends on others. It is also misleading (though honest, many may also be called the wrong books). In general, the package is just disappointing, which consists of several promising parties.

We start because fans of “wrinkles” know for sure that “dark night and storm”. Four years later, Meg’s uncle, a physicist, mysteriously disappeared. Papa (not necessarily a nerdy we suggested for a book, but Chris Pine, OK) investigated serious driving problems. And now she is gone and Meg (Reid), mother (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) and quickly matured Charles Wallace (Deric McCabe) brother if she will never see him again.

The outside world has been abandoned, including school leaders who say Megin is unlikely to return his father. Meg had a problem at school: he claimed to be aggressive and inconvenient, though honestly, it was hard to see the attitude of caring for and caring for Reid. When Meg threw the ball in front of the evil girl who ruled Veroniksen and dropped the office boss, it seemed a strange character.

However, Meg, Charles Wallace and his companion Calvin (Levi Miller), whose strange characters are a bit boring at nothing, go through a time travel concept called Tesseract (verb: ring Tess), Dr. Murry finds.

Guiding them in this dangerous direction, in different stages, the triumvirate is a lot of fun for older women, carrying celestial beings – Lady. Whats (Witherspoon), Puan Siapa (Mindy Karling) and Ms. Apa (Winfrey). Witherspoon is an attractive couple: dizzy and interesting and 2,379,152,497 years, the youngest group

Screenwriter Jennifer Lee and Jeff Stockwell

Winfrey What is the Great Dame with stunning dramatic white hair, bright eyes and lips in a variety of colors and gemstones on the forehead, which Meg exhort to be a hero color that resembles the late poet Maya Angelou; Winfrey said he channeled the best sorcerers to Angelou and Glenn. Winfrey can speak the words of Angelou himself instead of attending his line of screenwriter Jennifer Lee and Jeff Stockwell. Karling character is the most convincing, perhaps because he has become the past “and therefore only has the ability to spread the quote includes various Buddhist groups, Outkast, Kahlil Gibran and Lin-Manuel Miranda contain.

Originally Uriel’s lovely planet and visit the Happy Middle (comic Zach Galifianakis, dressed, as he said in earth tone), the child ends up on the scary planet Camazotz dominated by a dark force. Call him. His time in the film is visually appealing, especially kids scary incident, which at the same time to turn off the same ball in the same outdoors. Here they are, doctor. Murry, but his journey put Charles Wallace in great danger, and Meg was summoned to decide how brave he was.

If you have not read the book, we will not be more precise. But if this is the case, beware that some – the road is also a turning point in the considerable Meg story by heroism – or (as Tesseract probably) can not be known compressed or completely removed.

The last theme, however, remains the same: love can cut everything, including time and space. And smart rock girl! And personality – including our mistakes – makes us strong.

Although this film error does not cure it, it is more appropriate for the mind to be enough to attract a new generation of Meg Murry fans.

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