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Magician Dynamo making a strong film in which broken education promises: Syrian

Magician Dynamo has created a strong film about his journey to meet Syrian refugee children who have been omitted from school and dismissed by world leaders.

The British television illusionist traveled to Lebanon to discover the impact of the broken promises – two years after the leaders committed themselves to receiving a refugee for education by the summer of 2017.

In a movie titled “72 hours” – part of the campaign # Use your world – Dynamo tells how he was inspired and wanted to learn more about the educational crisis that left more than 680,000 Syrian refugee children still out of school.

The Ambassador of their world visited Lebanon to talk with children, parents and teachers after finding out that one of the main reasons why families leave their homes and take their children on the harsh paths is to get them to school.

Magician Impossible television show

“Most people are aware of the humanitarian crisis that is a conflict in Syria – but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless because of the size of the problem,” said Dynamo, best known for his Magician Impossible television show.

This campaign represents a real opportunity to do something that will have a long-term effect on hundreds of thousands of vulnerable children who have suffered some of the worst atrocities that can be imagined.

“I hope that on a small scale, we will be able to change history for these children and create a positive impact between all the tragedies.”

Dynamo now invites its ten million social media monitors to share an emotional film and put pressure on world leaders to keep their promise.

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