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Launch a chain hairline Kristin Ess

Let’s be real: Target is the closest we have heaven on earth. get interesting? Walk in to a bottle of shampoo and just try to leave without a bag full of beauty notes below $ 100. We dare you. And is now aiming to kill the game when it comes to beauty can still be accessed. After peach & Lily ad to target, is to launch a chain hairline Kristin Ess and basically freaking out about it. Welcome to your new favorite destination beauty.

As the founder of a local beauty “the beauty department”, the main effect of social media, and the designer for clients including Lauren Conrad and Lucy Hale, Kristin Ess know a thing or two about style both Instagram and IRL. The launch of the first online January 15 and then at Target stores a week later, mere mortals can become customers at home Ess-type.


“I never thought that I wanted to do a line of hair care. It sounds crazy, but I do not want to do it unless it is the target,” said Ess linkhats. Therefore, when he was approached to work with the brand, it is a no brainer. “At that time, they said I was like Goals” I. “I am a big fan girl goal, obviously.”

Develop a collection that includes 15 cleaning products, hair conditioners, Restorers preparation products, dry and wet style choices (think soft waves spray after styling and make-your-hair-of-silk sera) -ess he plays a game as a care consumer products hair in mind. “I always use different products from different lines, but I do not have a strong product line that is affordable and available to all heroes to me,” he said. “That’s the goal :. To make a long line of heroes”

For Ess, creating an entire line of hair care means superstar pressure test each product for beauty purposes crazy schedule. “For six months I went around with these 15 products in my bag and make the matter of trial and error to see if I can try and fix the hair of everyone,” he said. BTS recommend the red carpet, she did work each product, the title hero. Despite what is in the bottle is the main focus, which is quite impressive packaging. “I really want to focus on aesthetics,” Ess said. “I want people to leave.” But the best part of the new luxury line? Each item has a price less than $ 14.

Ess cooperation Target is referring to a trend that is sweeping the entire beauty industry. More than ever, consumers want to interact with experts in the back of your favorite products. “The jig is up. Everyone knows someone in the corporate office instead of makeup-it is not a party that can be trusted,” he said Ess. “Smoke and mirrors are starting to disappear because the media. There are so many truths out there now, and I think people will have some realism.”

Realism is something Kristin Ess hair there in spades. Relations with the history of your conversations with customers and target global vibration welcome Ess will publish a series of tutorials and style tips to start the conversation with their fans around the bar. “I’m not interested [in] Products just put it out there. I want to show [customers] how to get the best of each product,” he said. If nothing else, is worthy of a hero in our book. Also, you have seen Ess own hair? Anyone who has hair, big can definitely tell us how to solve our.

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