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Kylie Jenner Change Hair Color In 13 days

Well, we only have to wait 13 days to see Kylie Jenner change hair color in 2017 as Kylie Jenner has a new platinum blonde bob. But it’s not as if it is new to coloring matches work: You can argue that the change in hair color Jenner scrap, it might have their own stories to keep up with the Kardashians. In November, she was bright red; a month before it is oh so stylish he had increased gold tones. (And in March he was in the Navy.) His last appearance, sharp piece of platinum bob (which reminds us go-cut Victoria Beckham), but could easily be a wig that many times Kylie Kolor.

Kylie-New Look

Because they are embarrassed Instas pressure and at best, we still wonder, though some of our editors think is another blazing fast to convert Kylie- new look this is insanely large collection of wigs. (He actually has a closet devoted to wigs, man. And we really, really wish we could throw at it.) And while sharp, like a cut rather than add-ons, let us not forget that the mini-beauty mogul also has a line of hair extensions.

But after we did some digging on Instagram (which again, is not it?), Make sure the appearance is actually a bob styled by Toyko Stylez, Jenner man often called the style of his wig collection. Share the pressure, his photo entitled, “@kyliejenner back to blonde | blunt cut bob.

Kylie Jenner

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