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This is how Kate Middleton’s wedding dress is kept secret

In London: Kate Middleton’s and Prince William’s marriage have been six years, but everyone still talks about Alexander McQueen’s handsome dress.

And now, one of the machines sewing the machine turns out to be the hardest thing to keep secret secret from Cambridge until the big day, according to The Mirror.

“We know what this is, but the secret – we only have curtains and cleaners that are not allowed in the room and the door codes have changed.” The fact was really new, but no one knew who it was. No, “said Ewing.

In an interview with British publications, Mandy Ewing revealed that he “had been a lifetime opportunity” in the clothing industry in Camilla, the Duke, or the last tour of Cornwall.

He explains: “When you work, just focus and try not to think about the content of the news, but it’s an interesting event and everyone loves it – it’s a once in a lifetime.”

Middleton’s wedding gown returned to attention after Camilla Parker-Bowles’ visit to a church school where Ewing was one of the embroideries.

The Cornwall dictatorship tried to record during a visit and joked that he would leave it to specialists.

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