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Kahmune Brand Footwear Now in Multicolour

Last year was a big problem for diversity in the fashion industry. In 2016, we saw some tracks and campaigns and clothing to match. This year is to keep the ball rolling, expanding the definition of “naked” to match our colors, which can be said to be the best news of Crayola fall pastel package.

Nude palette brings diversity in the world of fashion and beauty is not exactly new in the previous drop a set Louboutin vacant apartments that fit a variety of skin tones and Nars extended signature line to reflect the correction of a variety of skin tones. Kahmune British brand now is the latest to join the club more inclusive. While most brands usually only offer a few options to accessorize bare, it is Kahmune has a wide range of customers, with a total of ten nude colors to choose from, as first reported by Elle. In other words, to find the killer stiletto rude just got a heck of a lot easier for most of us.

Brand led the line exposed on Instagram last week, shows the full range of Italian leather strappy sandals (it also provides a bomb) which seems quite comfortable to be a go-to every day.

While browsing social media to find her naked and accessories last year, founder Jamela Acheampong said most of the products come in bright shades of beige, cream and tan she rarely find a product that matches your skin tone is darker. “My father always said that some business ideas that are best are those that solve the problem.” “The fact that the term” naked “is given to a specific tone is the problem.”


Kahmune stands out

As Kahmune really stands out with its understanding of the complexity of skin tones. Just find the right foundation shade is perfect, perfect nude nail is more than a fair chance, medium and dark. Therefore, each shoe in the collection Kahmune presented side by side with the corresponding base of some of our favorite makeup brand to make it easier to select the perfect shade of color swatching new products at Sephora.

Kahmune series of minimalist shoes sold for between $ 200 and $ 250 and will be prepared to get their hands on just to escape in February.

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