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Help of Lemons Photo You Can Aware the Signs of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is very common in the US: One in eight American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. With frightening facts, it is very important to know your own body, her breasts, and what to look for when it comes to early warning signs of breast cancer so you can be notified when you talk with your doctor. Therefore, Facebook users trying to help other women to meet with lemon image shared more than 22,000 times.

Hoping to get the word about breast cancer awareness, survivor Erin Chieze broadcast pictures below and open a history of breast cancer. full chart of breast cancer organization in the world know your lemon campaign offers a simple guide to see the signs and symptoms of physical men and women need to be aware of when doing a self-examination. The image reminds us that knowledge about the character must go further than just the presence or absence of a nodule.

In December 2015, when I saw the wound that looks like one of the pictures, I immediately knew I had breast cancer, “wrote Chieze.” I tried to think of the tumor, but the tumor I have not felt. I was diagnosed with breast cancer, five days later, and the next four months, “he explained.” I know what cancer was. I know all about self-examination, but a picture of what I see as the key to know that I have a terminal illness. ”

Chieze students and nursing mothers aged 38 years, he said, people need useful information about breast cancer and urged an end to reduce awareness through social media campaign is too easy. (Trend women send each other emoji hearts as a reminder to get their annual breast examinations due to their first post.) He stressed the importance transcends heart and ribbon, and know what to look for.

Provide Real Information

“We need to provide real information,” Chieze continued. “Without [the] image seen by chance, I do not know what to look for. To us a favor, stop the game … and really be able to help people. Treatment of metastatic breast cancer research and awareness that effective.”

The post received hundreds of comments: Some agreed with Chieze but others argue Heart sharing as a way to remember to perform monthly exams.

Chieze said the turmoil: “I just wanted to write a note to my friends and family, hoping to provide a tool that visually like what I see that might help someone, but now you know you can reach a larger audience. I am thankful as may be just one person out there will see it get to your doctor and get greater revenue opportunities. ”

Breast Cancer Patients

In July of breast cancer patients Claire Warner sharing photos on Facebook symptoms of breast skin smooth undulations that attract a large number of shares and attention. For all the negatives that social media can bring to this post shows the power of women’s mantra “Sharing is caring” and that stories like this are very important

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