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Givenchy, French fashion, died at age 91

French fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy, who created the famous excitement of Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy, died at the age of 91.

His partner, Philippe Venet, a former couture designer, confirmed the news from the AFP news agency.

“It is sad to announce that Givenchy Hubert Taff is dead,” he said through a fashion house.

Designers, rabbits and siblings, and their children, share the suffering of Mr. Venet, reality will be added.

Givenchy may be more famous for creating the “iconic” black dress worn by Audrey Hepburn for breakfast at the opening with Tiffany.

“It’s … a great help to know that I look like … So the rest is not harder … Givenchy’s simple dress makes me feel like I’m playing …” Hepburn said before the designer.

Givenchy comes from a noble background

The friendship between Givenchy and Hepburn lasted 40 years and helped him strengthen his position in fashion and film history.

He became his museum and in 1957 he designed his clothes and fur clothing for the Musical Funny Face and a hungry coach with How Stal Million in 1966.

Givenchy comes from a noble background and works with Pierre Balmain and the famous Christian Dior after World War II.

He worked with avant-garde designer Elsa Schiaparelli before starting his fashion house in 1952. He introduced the concept of “farewell” – blouse, skirt, coat and pants that can be mixed and combined.

The designer stood up at 6 feet 6 inches, liked his first collection. “This dress reminiscent of the first glass of champagne,” British fashion scientists said.

He quickly jumped on a man’s suit and moved to New York to strengthen his success. The most famous client included the first American mother, Jacqueline Kennedy, who in 1963 joined her plan to bury President John F. Kennedy.

The legend of Grace Kelly, who is Puteri Monaco, is another well-known client.

In 1970, Givenchy introduced fabric and interior design to the hotel and also to Ford Continental.

The permanent popularity of the fashion house is evident in the red Oscar, where the stars, including Black Panther Chadwick Boseman, adjust Givenchy’s model.

Hubert de Givenchy has been a symbol of Parisian elegance for over half a century, “said ethics on Monday.

The entrepreneur Tycoon Bernard Arnault, director of luxury products company LVMH, now owned by Givenchy, a designer named “One of the inventors who put Paris in the fifties fashion.”

French Aristocrat Designer

Hubert de Givenchy is famous for his French aristocrats for his personality and good practice. He was born as a noble family and originally intended as a law. But at the end of World War II, he persuaded his family to continue his dress.

Fame came in the 1950s and, for three decades, dressed up with the most beautiful women in the world.

She has the honor of presenting the concept of divorce to give women more freedom of choice and become one of the first manufacturers of clothes to make their own perfume.

In 1988, he sold his luxury home to LVMH and a few years later he retired with a pleasant talk. He came from the fashion world that he knows to be almost lost – the era of elegance in which clothing was born out of a unique personal relationship between the client and the couturier.

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