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Adele Public Appearance Announcing Expect Twins Grammy Act Stop

Proudly caressing his pregnant belly pop superstar Beyonce Grammy was celebrated by a political statement on Sunday’s final storm Sunday, for the emotional tribute slip and the British singer Adele.

In the first public appearance, Beyonce drew a large bright gold dress and a halo emotional ballad Medley called “Dry Love” and “Sandcastles” since the 12-day surprise announcement they made they expect the twins to be your “Lemonade” is grammy feminism, album on racial and treason -nominated.

Shortly afterwards, but literally, the British pop star George Michael stopped the show after he started flubbing the dead tribute was Adele.

“I’m sorry, I know it’s a live TV,” said “Quick Love,” Michael said, cursing, slow ballad version stopped and we want to start again. “There can be no confusion with him for him,” he said.

The song of Adele, unexpectedly killed in 2016 Michael Jackson and the musician Prince were applauded at the end of one of two different tribute.

Beyonce has won two of the premier nine nominations Sunday award ceremony and early development, saying that this album is intended for all women, they can show “beautiful, intelligent and talented.”

Album, song and record of the year – at the end of the show – Kafa-Adele, 28, is the only artist to compete for three major awards.

Adele Beyonce won the pop vocal category and earned two early awards, winning the best selling “25” pop vocal album.

Like other new awards show, I never get wasted artist politics.

Katy Perry picked sparkling rings saying “We hold to people” the performance sentence called “Tut” and “rhythm chaining” said that the US Constitution displayed a banner with the first sentence.

“This is the best, and I do not know what the President of Trump is for, all living.” James Corden hosted the show after rapping about the power of music

Although the twenty-one rider pop duo / “depressed” group won a Grammy for the best performance, the best new artist named rapper opportunity.

The duo took pants to take the prize to the scene to make it good, swearing to start their own career to get their first Grammy pants.

Grammy English music

Another great gal was British late singer David Bowie, who earned his latest album “Black Star”, including five nominated best rock songs. He became the first singer of
, which has never earned the life of every album or song.

Only a few days before the death of “Black Star”, cancer was published in January 2016.

Bowie, Michael Jackson and Prince, as well as 2017 Grammy characterize with the absence of other partners.

Every eight nominations have not been shown Drake and Kanye West, as well as Justin Bieber.

Frank Ocean, Bieber and West seem to live beyond their thought of Grammy’s signal in contact with young artists, although Drake has been touring in England, earning two Grammy premier single “Line Bling”.

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